How to get beautiful, healthy nails all year around

Apr 12, 2022 1:00:01 PM / by Nanna Dalby

Do you know how you sometimes feel embarrassed when your nails are broken, chipped and dry? This often happens during winter, when the air gets cold and dry, because during winter most nails don‘t get enough moisture and natural care, which is why winter nails are often kind of dull.


With the RIGHT CARE and a REGULAR ROUTINE you can maintain your beautiful, luscious, healthy summer nails all year round. Read how here



Have you ever tried to break a branch off a fresh tree full of green leaves on a summer day? If you have, you know it‘s close to impossible. Instead of breaking, the branch just bends backwards, and it takes a lot of force and twisting before it snaps off. In winter, however, when the tree has lost all its leaves, the branches snap off easily. It‘s the same with nails. One of the most common reasons your nails dry out and crack is a lack of moisture. That‘s why, in the winter, it‘s extra important to add moisture and care to your hands and nails from the outside. This ensures healthy looking nails, but also makes e.g. nail polish last longer and stay neat without peeling.





RescueRXx™ is a highly effective daily keratin treatment that repairs damaged nails with keratin protein and moisturizing jojoba oil. The secret to beautiful, unbreakable nails is a strong surface that strengthens the nail and reduces the risk of breakage and bending. Dry winter nails are in desperate need of that extra strenght. The solution? CND™ RescueRxx™. RescueRxx™ is an award-winning keratin treatment that has made a name for itself among nail enthusiasts for its effectiveness.


Under normal conditions, it's not possible for keratin to penetrate the nail from the outside because the molecules are too large. That's why the keratin in CND™ RescueRxx™ has been hydrolyzed, so it's able to enter through the nail plate. Modified polyamidoamine helps to transport the keratin by acting as a kind of conveyor belt, following and guiding the keratin to the right place.


Let CND™ RescueRXx™ be the hero to save your chipped and broken nails. To infinity and beyond!


How to use RescueRxx™

  1. Apply RescueRXx™ to the natural nail 1-2 times a day (up to 4 times a day if your nails are very damaged) by massaging it into the entire nail plate and cuticles.
  2. Leave RescueRXx™ on for at least 30 minutes before washing your hands or applying other products.
  3. Use for up to 4 weeks for best results.






As mentioned, lack of moisture is one of the main causes of nail chipping and cracking. Therefore, when the weather is dry and cold, you should add moisture from the outside. This is where we introduce CND™ SolarOil™.


SolarOil™ is an amazing oil for the nails and cuticles. It contains ingredients such as moisturizing jojoba oil, softening rice bran oil, nourishing almond oil and restorative vitamin E that make the nails extremely flexible while softening the cuticles. SolarOil™ is specially formulated to penetrate deep into the nail and provide care and nourishment from within, leaving nails flexible and unbreakable.


You might think that olive oil from the kitchen will suffice, but the molecules in ordinary oils are far too large for the oil to penetrate the nail plate. Therefore, you need an oil specifically designed for nails, and SolarOil™ is absolutely outstanding! Apply SolarOil™ directly to the natural nail or on VINYLUX™ or SHELLAC®.


How to use SolarOil™

  1. Apply directly to the nail and surrounding skin and massage it in. Do this 1-3 times a day.
  2. If possible, leave the oil on for 30 minutes before washing your hands. Ideally, you can apply the oil before bedtime and leave it on overnight.
  3. Apply SolarOil™ as the last step in a nailcare routine if it is part of a series of products, as other products have a hard time penetrating the oil's barrier.




The cuticles' main purpose is to protect the nail root from dirt and bacteria. Still, cuticles tend to get really thick and stubborn if we never treat them, and that doesn't look nice on either the natural nail or under a coat of nail polish.


In winter, cuticles become extremely dry, and the extended use of hand sanitiser and hand soap is not exactly moisturizing. Instead of cutting the cuticle, we recommend CND™ Cuticle Eraser™. A wonderful and nourishing AHA peel that prevents cuticle overgrowth and painful hangnails while hydrating nails and skin.


How to use Cuticle Eraser™

  1. Use Cuticle Eraser™ 1-3 times daily to exfoliate the cuticles and nourish the nails.
  2. Massage Cuticle Eraser™ into the cuticles in circular motions and watch them disappear gradually.
  3. Finish with SolarOil™ for maximum care and moisture.





CND™ has some of the best products on the market for home nail care.

For best result, all three products should be included in your daily routine:


  1. Start by applying RescueRxx™ to the natural nail and leave on for about 30 minutes.
  2. Now exfoliate the cuticles with Cuticle Eraser™ by massaging the product into the cuticles, nail and skin.
  3. Finish with a drop of SolarOil™ on each nail, massaging it into the entire nail and surrounding skin for a final boost of moisture.


If your nails are in bad condition, you can perform the routine up to 4 times a day to kick-start the healing process. Once you start seeing improvements, you can scale back to 1-2 times a day and eventually just maintain the nails 2-3 times a week.


Other tips to take care of your nails

Nail care and proper nutrition are essential for beautiful, healthy and well-groomed nails, but there are also some external circumstances that can affect nail health. That's why we've put together a handful of tips on how to look after your nails in addition to the above routine:


  • Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Wear warm gloves in the cold winter weather
  • Use e.g. cleaning products with less chemicals
  • Use a fine nail file regularly - but never file straight after a bath
  • Wear gloves when cleaning or doing the dishes
  • Always cut your nails bit by bit and never the whole nail in one cut
  • Use tools instead of your nails for tasks such as opening cans
  • Use proper nail polish, e.g., CND™ VINYLUX™ or CND™ SHELLAC™, so you don't have to remove and reapply more often than necessary


Get ready to enter the cold months with beautiful, well-groomed nails, thanks to nail care from CND™. 


Download the nail guide as pdf here. 


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