Make your silicone hand look realistic in 10 minutes!

Mar 17, 2022 4:59:05 PM / by Janina Granroth



I am taking my skills from the make-up industry and applying them to this task, where I will show you how to make a silicone practice hand look realistic in just under 10 minutes, with just a little bit of make-up! And the best part is that you just have to do it once then it stays forever (unless you need to wash it for some reason ofc).

(Product list at the bottom of the page together with a video if you don´t like to read<3).

  1. We start by taking a concealer, I am using one from ICONIC which I love because it is slightly light reflecting and gives some extra life to the base of the silicone hand. Don’t use too much product, just a couple of dots over the hand and fingers! Then use either a beauty blender (I am using ICONICs') or your fingers to blend it out all over the hand.


The surface does not need to be smooth and perfect because we are using the concealer to create some difference in skin tone and texture!

    1. When we are finished with the first step, we take whatever type of makeup pencil in the color ranging from grey-brown to dark blue (they all work) that we have, mine is a well-used eyebrow pencil in a darker grey-brown color. Paint out the veins on top of the hand. If you are having trouble with how they should look, look at your own hand for guidance! Make sure that the pencil is blunt and not sharp, be light on your hand, and go over the veins several times instead of just once. This gives them a thicker, more diffuse look. Take the beauty blender and blend them out a little!


  1. After you are done with the veins, pick up a CC or BB cream, or the Radiance booster from ICONIC that I am using. Put some on the beauty blender and start to dot it out over the top of the hand and fingers so there is product everywhere. Then you just keep blending by pressing and dragging (softly) the blender over the hand until it looks good. This makes the veins look more diffuse and like they are under the skin! And no worries, you can always go back and paint in more “veins” with your pencil after this step, and then blend again if they become too sharp.


Now we will start to create some shadows and different tones in the skin!

    1. Take a grey-brown powder of some sort, it can be an eyeshadow or, as I am using, a contour powder. Pick up a small powder brush, take some of the powder and start to paint between the fingers! You don´t need to be super careful, just dust it in there with some force! Go between all the fingers and then with the left-over product on the brush, you go over the finger knuckles, fingertips, and all around the nail as well!



    1. After you are satisfied with the shadows and darker skin tone created between the fingers, take a pink/red blush of some sort and use the same brush from before with the blush and go over the fingertips and around the nails with this as well. Oh, and don’t forget the side of the thumb that is usually shown in pics, make sure that that whole side gets some brown and pink/red powdering as well 😊


Now the hand really starts to look realistic! The only things missing are your fantastic nails!!

  1. Look it over in the phone's camera to make sure it looks good and doesn’t have any weird spots or markings, then put on your amazing nails and start taking the best pics! 😍



Ps. Don´t do what I did and put the thumbnail on crooked 😂

Product list:


Radiance booster 

Any grey-brown to dark blue makeup pencil

Any grey-brown make-up powder

Any pink/red powder blush

Beauty Blender/svamp 

Any small powder brush



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